Developers' corner

Welcome to the zkBox developers' zone.
If your application is dealing with sensitive data and you're looking for a way of handling it, but without disclosing it to a 3rd party and without reinventing the wheel by developing your own custom solution, you came to the right place!
You can see zkBox as a privacy-as-a-service solution specifically designed for these kinds of situations: to store completely anonymously and reliable your encrypted data.
Here you'll find all the information that you need to get started using zkBox in your project. You'll learn how it works and how you can use it from your application.
The zkBox developer's zone is split in several sections:
  • zkBox installations - learn about the free zkBox server installation or how to deploy your own zkBox server at your premises
  • zkBox server details - describes in depth the server's architecture, how it works and how to connect to it
  • zkBox API - complete reference to the methods exposed by the zkBox web service
  • client libraries for zkBox - in order to use the zkBox server from your application you may want to use one of the existing libraries
  • application registeration - if you choose to use the free zkBox hosted in the Amazon cloud, this is the right place to go in order to request your own application identifier
  • zkBox downloads - for downloads related to the zkBox product
If you have further questions you please take also a look at the support section. You'll find there additional answers or ways to get in touch with us.