Register your own zkBox application

To use our hosted zkBox installation, you'll need to use the API. In order to use the API you need to register for an application.
Upon registering, you'll receive an application identifier and an application secret key. The identifier will uniquely identify your application into the zkBox storage and there is no risk in making it public.
The application's secret key should be kept secret and never made public. The secret key it's used by the zkBox client components used by your application to sign the requests that are sent to the server by your application's users. The secret key is never sent out from your application.
The secret key is not used to encrypt user's data, but only to sign the requests coming from your application's users in order to store/change them in zkBox. The data is encrypted on user's machine, so not even you as application owner will be able to see the data from your users.
You have to protect the secret key from prying eyes because if you will lose it there will be no way for you to recover your application data. That's it, we simply don't know your secret key and without it there is no way to decrypt your data.

If all of the above is clear, you can proceed to sign up for a new zkBox application.